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We outline a few basic principles that will help you evaluate your website

For your business to succeed in an ever-increasing digital world, it is important that you have a well-built website that accurately reflects your brand, company values and services. However, using the internet to develop your business goes far beyond having a great site.

Here are a few essentials to consider:

Identify your target audience

Establish the type of person you want to attract and, more importantly, be able to find them online. These people may not know you exist and won’t go looking for your brand without good reason to.

Define your objectives

What do you want your target audience to do beyond just finding, visiting and reading content on your website? Whether they are registering for an event, filling out a form or making a purchase, it is important that the customer journey is as simple and effective as possible.

Be responsive

Your target audience will be using a variety of devices. Therefore, implementing a responsive design for all digital communications will ensure your brand message is delivered effectively across all screen sizes.

Digital marketing

Before planning your digital marketing strategy, it is important to understand the potential of each digital marketing channel. Identifying which channels work best for you, and most importantly, being able to measure their effectiveness, can really help propel your business forward.

What are digital channels?

Digital channels, such as social media or SEO, allow your brand or business to target and communicate effectively with a vast online audience.

Here are some of the different digital marketing channels available for your business:

Selecting the right channels

We can help you select the channels that will provide the biggest ROI. Whether it’s understanding how people search for your products and services, or creating a social media strategy in order to engage a new audience, our digital marketers understand how to find these people, and more importantly, how to engage with them.

The user journey

It’s a simple journey that starts with ‘awareness’ – making your target consumers aware of your brand. This is followed by ‘engagement’ – enticing them to find out more. Then comes ‘activation’ – getting them commit to an action, such as ‘click’ or ‘like’ something. Then follows the process of ‘converting’ them to make a booking or buy something.


Getting a new customer is fabulous, but keeping them is trickier. So having a post-purchase or retention strategy is imperative. Using your database to add value for your customers is key. However, there’s a fine line between building loyalty and being annoying.

We can help

MediaClash offers a wealth of expertise in developing brands, assessing their capacity to reach targeted audiences and delivering results through the ever-increasing range of digital channels. We can set you up and help train you to run your own digital business and its associated marketing, or indeed do it for you.

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