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Hotel Websites That Convert

We create websites that are optimised for all devices in order to convert more visits into paying guests

Our highly experienced team is at the forefront of web design, so our websites not only look fabulous but function perfectly, helping to deliver on your key business objectives.

We can create a website that truly brings your property to life and ensure that it is reflective of the customer experience offered by your hotel.

Utilising our history of working with ecommerce businesses, we have insight informing what works when selling online coupled with our extensive experience in the hospitality sector.

Start with your brand

Your branding is the first impression potential guests have of your hotel, so it’s important you get it right. From a simple logo design to a full rebrand of online and offline marketing materials, our strategy will ensure your branding is consistent, unique and befitting your business.

Marketing your hotel

Your new website is only the start of the digital activity you need to engage in to truly maximise your success online. We will help you navigate the world of digital marketing, explaining, planning, executing and measuring a defined set of marketing activity. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search and Email Marketing, through to all the Social Media channels – we will focus on:

  • Increasing your direct bookings and revenue
  • Increasing the return on investment for your hotel’s marketing budget
  • Reducing your clients’ usage of OTA bookings
  • Growing brand loyalty and repeat business of every guest who stays with you

In order to fulfil these objectives, we will work closely with you to create a digital marketing strategy that works for your hotel and ensures your key targets are met.

Targeting your audience

SEO is a key digital marketing channel for your hotel that needs focus and expertise. Our objective is to attract the maximum number of visits via search engines. These visitors need to be highly relevant and so be more likely to convert into bookings. We use various techniques for this; creative, engaging content writing, a wide variety of technical expertise, strong strategic decision-making and detailed data analysis.

To complement SEO, we recommend running strategic Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. PPC is a great way to generate website visits, showcase your brand, increase bookings through search engines and promote offers you may be running. Combining SEO and PPC enables us to reach a much wider audience online and to capitalise on seasonal trends.

PR – beyond the web

So, you have a fantastic hotel, excellent service and a stunning website, but are you reaching an affluent audience? Through our city magazines we can drive awareness of your business and encourage your target audience to book a stay. Effective PR is all about building and maintaining strong relationships, which is where MediaClash excels. We understand what people want to read about, meaning our content provides great context for print advertising. Our knowledge in this area is an important and complementary addition to the marketing services we provide.

Emails that people want to open

Relevant and targeted emails will enhance your relationship with your customers and will encourage loyalty and repeat business. Our primary aim is to drive more bookings from previous customers. Some emails will be planned well ahead and focus on promoting key events and offers. Others will be more tactical and much more personalised to trigger specific customer actions.

Through our email marketing service, we can segment your data so that future offers can be tailored appropriately. We pride ourselves on regularly achieving way above industry average open and click through rates, thus increasing engagement and interactions.

Social media drives engagement

Our digital marketers will engage with customers across a range of platforms, using channels that are relevant to your target audience. We are experts in creating social media strategies for hotels, understanding what customers want to see and hear in order to drive engagement. We complement this activity with targeted paid advertising across social channels in order to activate interest in your brand.

We create a social media calendar of events and offers that align to your business objectives as well as promoting any relevant local events. We collaborate with clients to ensure we can share up-to-date information from within their hotels such as photos, videos, news and previews of up and coming events.

How can we help?

To find out how we can help you make the most out of the digital world, please get in touch with us.

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